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The Yangjia Michuan

Organization and filiation

The major characteristic of the Yangjia Michuan style is the total freedom that its leader, Master Wang Yen-nien, has left everyone in the organization of educational structures such as associations, schools, colleges...


Throughout the world, many groups are called «Yangjia Michuan Taiji quan», name given to his style by Master Zhang Qinglin (3rd generation).

In France, most organizations that claim to this style are reported as «Law 1901 Associations»

In Europe, in addition to the many organizations whose objectives are primarily educational and are governed by the laws of each country, there are two structures, each one unique, independent of one another while maintaining excellent and productive relations.

Both residing in France have a European vocation. They are :

-   The Amicale of Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan, born of a common desire to exchange and share and this in a spirit of freedom and independence.  It consists mainly of associations of all European countries as well as independent individuals practicing Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan.

-   The European College of Teachers (1); whose creation was inspired by Master Wang Yen-nien who appointed himself the first members. It operates under a charter giving it a total freedom of action. Its objectives are to maintain the heritage handed down by Master Wang Yen-nien.

In the rest of the world, groups, associations, federations exist on all continents.

In Taiwan, for example, we find a federation of all the associations and a College of Teachers.

In Africa, there is an association in South Africa and another one in Ivory Coast.

In the US, AYMTA includes associations of all the states.

We find associations in the other countries such Canada, Japan, Mexico.


Disappeared in May 2008, Master Wang Yen-nien was then the indisputable leader of the style Yangjia michuan.

Number of teachers and persons in charge of associations was able to follow its teaching, whether it is during long stays in Taiwan or, more briefly, during diverse training courses in France and in the world. Today, following the example of the generations who succeeded one another since Master Yang Luchan, founder of the school Yang, their students relieve to transmit in turn the received teaching.

Five generations succeeded one another of Master Yang Luchan in our days. The fifth generation being represented by all students directly trained in Taiwan by Master Wang.

Master Yang Luchan (1799-1872)  1st génération


Yang Luchan studied Taiji quan with Chen Changxing ( 1771-1853 ). From the trunk of the family Chen, he gave birth to a new branch which wears its name. This branch will give, with two of his sons, Banhou and Jianhou, two twigs which, in turn, will generate numerous ramifications representing the variety of the styles of the school Yang today.


Master Yang Jianhou (1839-1917)  2nd génération


The third son of Yang Luchan, Yang Jianhou, having undergone the hard law of his father, taught in his turn. He had three sons among whom two studied the art of the fight: Yang Shaohou ( 1862-1929 ) and Yang Chengfu ( 1882-1935 ) which developed the style certainly the most known at present in Occident.

Yang Jianhou welcomed a student outside the family clan, Zhang Qinlin.

Master Zhang Qinlin (1888-1967 ?)  3rd génération

From its youngest age, Zhang Qinlin was received in the family Yang where he studied Taiji quan. He was introduced first of all by Yang Chengfu then by Yang Jianhou which transmitted him the secrets of the taiji of the family Yang.

He had several students among whom Zheng Manqing ( 1902-1975 ) for Tuishou and Wang Yen-nien.

Always without piece of news of his professor forty years having left China, Master Wang found again, in 1993, his daughter Zhang Zhirou, then 75-year-old.



Master Wang Yen-nien (1914-2008)  4th génération

Having studied from his early childhood Shaolin quan, Xingyi quan then Tantui, Master Wang was presented at the age of 18 to Wang Xinwu to learn Taiji quan. It is only at the age of 31 that he will follow the teaching of Zhang Qinlin to which he is presented by its Taoist master Zhang Maolin.

With Zheng Manqing, Master Wang Yen-nien was certainly one of the first Chinese to transmit Taiji quan to persons "foreign" to the Earth of the Middle.
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5th génération


Generation represented by all students directly trained by Master Wang, in Taiwan.

6th génération


Generation represented by all students of the teachers directly trained by Master Wang Yen-nien.



(1) The European College of Teachers

The European College of Teachers of Yangjia Michuan Taiji Quan, created in 1989 by Master Wang Yen-nien, aims to ensure the transmission of Yangjia Michuan Taiji quan in Europe, preserving the integrity of the style and promoting the development of technical and educational qualities of teachers of this style.

The College holds annual meetings at which are discussed various educational and technical aspects of the Yangjia Michuan Taiji quan in a spirit of openness and mutual respect. Privileged place of exchange between teachers from all backgrounds and sensibilities, these meetings are a regular opportunity for sharing ideas and individual researches to achieve a better collective understanding of our art.

The College also produces documents (DVDs...) for educational purposes which are the result of collaborative work on various topics, techniques or others, directly related to the practice of Yangjia Michuan ( martial applications, biomecanics of the foot, Dalu...)