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Master Wang Yen-nien

Biography of the last Master of the Yangjia Michuan School.

Master Wang Yen-nien was one of the great masters of the Yang school of Taiji, recognized and respected by all. He was student of Zhang Qinglin which transmitted the Yangjia Michuan style of Taiji quan.Maître Wang Yen-nien

Born in 1914 in Taiyuan (Shanxi), he started early on to study the martial arts, learning Xingyi Quan and Chang Quan (Long Boxing). His ability led him naturally to a military career. Graduated from the Military Academy of Shanxi, he transmitted his skills and his extensive knowledge in the use of arms as an instructor during the conflict between China and Japan.

It is after the Sino-Japanese war (1937-1945) that Master Wang met Zhang Qinglin who taught him from 1945 until 1949. He remained faithful to him for all his life.

In 1949, after the defeat of the nationalists with whom he fought against the communists, Wang Yen-nien followed Jiang Jieshi (Chiang Kai-shek), chief of the Guomintang, to take refuge in Taiwan where he worked at the Ministry of Defense with the rank of colonel. He then lost contact with his master and never saw him again...


Master Wang got used to training every morning in the park of Yuanshan, next to the current Grand Hôtel. Very fast, persons asked him to teach them his art. Then, in 1950, at the request of his students who suggested him paying him if he left his job to dedicate itself to the teaching of Taiji quan, and to respect his commitment to Zhang Qinlin, he began to reorientate his career to transmit in the largest number the Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan.

 "The responsibility of the transmission of the secrets of the school Yang falls to me. To avoid that this teaching gets lost in time and that we accuse me of being a heretic, I shall do everything I can to satisfy those who will come to see me to learn, whom is their origin."

From then on, Master Wang participated in the creation of numerous associations for the development of Taiji quan. At first vice-president of the National Tai Chuan Association, he became the president from 1986 till 1989. When he stopped his functions in 1989, he was named Honorary president and Head Instructor for life.

Of some students, who joined him daily in the memorial of the martyrs of Yuanshan, his students became more and more numerous. Others, coming all the continents were added to it to follow his teaching.

On April 16th, 2005, he realized one of his most expensive wishes by establishing in Taiwan (Republic of China), the Yangjia Michuan Taiji Quan Association of which he was the president till the end of his life.

On July 14th, 2006, Wang Yen - nien, 92 years, was decorated by French Minister of the Youth and Sports of the Golden medal of the Youth and Sports in recognition for its wide contribution to the distribution of Taiji quan in Occident.

Master Wang published two major works on the Yangjia Michuan Taiji Quan as well as a book on the shape of taiji with fan in 2008.

Master Wang Yen - nien Laoshi died in his house of Taipei at night from 3 till 4 May 2008 at 2:45 am (that is 8:45 am on May 3rd, Paris time).