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The European College of Teachers

The European College of Teachers of Yangjia Michuan Taiji Quan, created in 1989 by Master Wang Yen-nien, aims to ensure the transmission of Yangjia Michuan Taiji quan in Europe, preserving the integrity of the style and promoting the development of technical and educational qualities of teachers of this style.

The College holds annual meetings at which are discussed various educational and technical aspects of the Yangjia Michuan Taiji quan in a spirit of openness and mutual respect. Privileged place of exchange between teachers from all backgrounds and sensibilities, these meetings are a regular opportunity for sharing ideas and individual researches to achieve a better collective understanding of our art.

The College also produces documents (DVDs...) for educational purposes which are the result of collaborative work on various topics, techniques or others, directly related to the practice of Yangjia Michuan ( martial applications, biomecanics of the foot, Dalu...)