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The amicale

How works the Amicale association of Yangjia Michuan?

The purpose of Amicale is to bring together associations who practice Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan. It provides and facilitates communication with the holding of a quarterly newsletter sent to associations and clubs, as well as maintaining a website. Everyone can find general information, reflections on practice, information on workshops and events organized by the associations or Amicale.

It also has the mission of editor :  various publications,  in books or video media.

Currently,  Amicale has 96 associations (representing more than 2300 members) mainly based in France but also in Europe (England, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary).

Amicale ensures and presides over the organization of an Annual Meeting. Each year, associations are candidates to organize the meetings locally. The meetings are never happening twice in the same place but always take place on the week end of 11 of November (3 days minimum).

The event brings together usually around 200 people, including a dozen of teachers of our school who insure workshops according to the demand of the participants; the participants can offer to lead a workshop themselves within the spirit of taiji. It is a good opportunity to practice the various parts of the form and the weapons or to benefit from new lights on the practice or the spirit of Taiji quan.

Every participant can, if they wish, participate in four workshops a day. One cannot stress enough the pleasure and benefits of such an immersion.

But it is also the Feast of our School. A festive evening is organized, with many «surprises» ending with a dinner followed by dancing.